Famous people born during WW2 - 1941 (ongoing)

For something interesting and a bit of light fun, I’ve compiled a list of people born in 1941 of varying fame, I’ll go through the rest of the list as the year goes on. If there are any mistakes or omissions (I tried to procure the easily recognizable ones) please give me a shout.

Spot any you like?

January '41

Hayao Miyazaki - Director (5th)
Graham Chapman - Actor, best known for Monty Python (8th) d. 1989
Joan Beaz - Singer-songwriter (9th)
Faye Dunaway - Actress (14th)
Don Van Vliet aka “Captain Beefheart” - Singer-songwriter (15th) d. 2010
Richie Havens - Singer-songwriter (21st) d. 2013
Neil Diamond - Singer-songwriter (24th)
Dick Cheney - 46th Vice President (30th)

February '41

Nick Nolte - Actor (8th)
Michael Apted - Director (10th)
Brian Holland - Songwriter, part of the Holland–Dozier–Holland team (15th)

March '41

Wolfgang Petersen - Director (14th)
Bernardo Bertolucci - Director (16th) d. 2018
Wilson Pickett - Singer (18th) d. 2006
Bruno Ganz - Actor and Director (22nd) d. 2019
Richard Dawkins - Biologist (26th)

April '41

Michael Moriarty - Actor (5th)
Pete Rose - MLB Player and Manager (14th)
Ryan O’Neal - Actor (20th)

May '41

Ritchie Valens - Singer (13th) d. 1959
Ronald Isley aka “Mr. Biggs” - Singer (21st)
Bob Dylan - Singer-songwriter (24th)
Aldrich Ames - CIA Officer and Spy for the Soviet Union (26th)
Bob Simon - CBS Correspondent (29th)

June '41

Charlie Watts - Musician (2nd)
Spalding Gray - Actor (5th) d. 2004
Robert Kraft - Owner of the New England Patriots (5th)
Roy Harper - Folk Musician (12th)
Harry Nilsson - Singer-songwriter (15th) d. 1994
Lamont Dozier - Songwriter, part of the Holland–Dozier–Holland team (16th)
Delia Smith - TV Chef (18th)
Stephen Frears - Director (20th)
Michael Lerner - Actor (22nd)
Robert Hunter - Lyricist and Musician (23rd) d. 2019
Krzysztof Kieślowski - Director (27th) d. 1996

July '41

Bill Oddie - Comedian (7th)
Joseph Whipp - Actor (12th)
Robert Forster - Actor (13th) d. 2019
George Clinton - Musician (22nd)
Richie Evans - NASCAR Champion (23rd) d. 1985
Emmett Till - American Lynching Victim (25th) d. 1955
Nate Thurmond - NBA All Star (25th) d. 2016
Manuel “Manny” Charlton - Musician (25th)
Peter Suschitzky - Cinematographer (25th)
David Warner - Actor (29th)
Paul Anka - Singer (30th)


August '41

Martha Stewart - Business Magnate and TV Personality (3rd)
David Crosby - Singer-songwriter, part of Crosby, Stills & Nash (14th)
Slobodan Milošević - Former President of Serbia and Yugoslavia (20th) d. 2006
Bill Parcells - NFL Coach Legend of the NY Giants, NY Jets, NE Patriots (22nd)
Michael Aldrich - Inventor of Online Shopping (22nd) d. 2014
Robin Leach - TV Show Host, notably Lifestyles of Rich & Famous (29th) d. 2018


September '41

Bernie Sanders - Politician and senator (Independent - VT), Former Mayor of Burlington (8th)
Otis Redding - Singer-songwriter and producer (9th) d. 1967
Dennis Ritchie - Computer scientist (9th) d. 2011
Stephen Jay Gould - Paleontologist and science writer (10th) d. 2002
Gunpei Yokoi - Video game designer, creator of the Game and Watch (10th) d. 1997
Linda McCartney (née Eastman) - Photographer and musician (Wings), First wife of Paul McCartney (24th) d. 1998
Frederick “Fred” West - Contractor and serial killer (29th) d. 1995


Not a famous person but my aunt was born dec 7,1941