Famous people born during WW2 - 1939

Here’s the list of notable people born in the last 4 months of 1939, if I missed any dates or misplaced them, please notify me.

September '39

Lily Tomlin - Comedienne (1st)
George Lazenby - Actor (5th)
Cynthia Lennon [nee Powell] - ex-wife of John Lennon (10th) d. 2015
Richard Kiel - Actor (13th) d. 2014
Kathy Whitworth - Golfer (27th)

October '39

Paul Hogan - Actor (8th)
Maria Bueno - Tennis Player (11th) d. 2018
Ralph Lauren - Fashion Designer (14th)
Lee Harvey Oswald - Assassin (18th) d. 1963
Mike Ditka - NFL Coach (18th)
F. Murray Abraham - Actor (24th)
John Cleese - Actor and Comedian (27th)

November '39

[Walter] Wendy Carlos - Musician (14th)
Margaret Atwood - Author and Poet (18th)
Dick Smothers - Presenter and Folk Singer (20th)
R. Budd Dwyer - Politician (21st) d. 1987
Tina Turner [Anna Mae Bullock] - Singer (26th)

December '39

Cindy Birdsong - Singer (15th)
[Harvey] Phil Spector - Record Producer (26th)