Ex-Premier of South Africa James B. M. Hertzog dies at 76 (11-21-42)

The Pittsburgh Press (November 21, 1942)

Friends of Nazis taken by death

Ex-South African leader succumbs at 76

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James B. M. Hertzog – Favored modified neutrality

Johannesburg, South Africa (UP) –
Gen. James B. M. Hertzog, 76, former Prime Minister of the Union of South Africa, died today.

He resigned as Prime Minister Sept. 5, 1939, two days after war broke out between Britain and Germany. He had submitted to Parliament a motion for a modified form of neutrality for South Africa.

Field Marshal Jan C. Smuts, then Deputy Prime Minister, vigorously opposed the motion and Parliament rejected it, 80–67. Hertzog’s government then resigned, and Marshal Smuts, present Prime Minister, formed a new government.

South Africa then declared war on the Axis.

Hertzog told his Afrikaner Party on Oct. 23, 1941, that he supported Nazism. He said:

Nazism, is not the exclusive product of any particular country or people but it came to South Africa as an Afrikaner national tradition and is as old as the Afrikaner people.

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good to know that the Afrikaner national tradition is only 8 years old. I thought they were older than that.


It is much older than that, actually.


I know I was kidding.


The language is really cool :sunglasses:. Source all the clips of “Die antwoord”:crazy_face:. It is quite simian to Dutch.