Ex-Nazis and Ex-Fascists who had open postwar American Careers


I think this is a fascinating topic that really creates opportunities for original research into the mindset of many people who became Nazis. I’m only covering those who were identifiably ex-Nazi or ex-Fascist during WW2, not those who were hiding their identities. This first post is just a couple of examples:

Mildred Gillars, a.k.a. Axis Sally, became a music teacher at an Elementary School in Maine. I can only imagine what her music classes were like.

Ezra Pound, whose poetry “career”(if poets have ever had careers since Ancient Rome) was largely ruined initially due to his outright Fascism, remarkably had his reputation inexplicably recover to the point that Beatniks like Allen Ginsberg revered him.

The pre-Anschluss head of Austria, Kurt Schussnigg later became a Political Science professor at College of St. Louis

Wernher von Braun and the entire target group of Operation Paperclip, although this was initially secret.

I recall reading that Erich von Manstein lectured at US Army War College, but I may be mistaken on that one.


His material was surely used in those lectures, but I don’t think Erich von Manstein was actually lecturing there.


A single lecture wouldn’t really qualify as a career anyways and it’s unlikely that the US would have approved the visa, so I agree now that it’s doubtful.