Ex-Confederate General Prohibits 'Rule By Women' (10-11-40)

The Pittsburgh Press (October 11, 1940)


’Meddling’ Irritates Him; So He Postpones Veterans’ Elections

Washington, Oct. 11 –

General Julius Franklin Howell, the 95-year-old commander-in-chief of the United Confederate Veterans, said today that he applauds Southern chivalry and approves of women suffrage, but “dictation by women” is something else again.

He became so irritated by what he described as “meddling” by women in the affairs of the UCV yesterday that he refused to permit an election of officers even though he might have continued tenure of office for another year.

Terminating a row resulting from women seeking to aid in the business deliberations of the aged veterans’ golden reunion here, General Howell adjourned the session and said that “maybe” he would allow an election today.

But no women will be allowed!

The dispute came after General Howell introduced an amendment to the UCV constitution making it impossible to disband the organization as long as the members were able to attend a reunion. This year, fewer than 60 attended and the average age was 94 years.

One veteran arose to endorse General Howell’s amendment but he could not make himself heard. A woman attendant – numerous auxiliaries are meeting here – arose to speak for him. “Out of order,” snapped General Howell.

He refused to let the woman speak. There were protests. General Howell strode from the hall and it was only to adjourn the meeting that he was persuaded to return.