Everyone knows Oskar Schindler, but what about Irena Sendler who risked her own life on a daily basis to save hundreds of Jewish children?

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This is someone who I think would deserve a serious mention with regards to the “War against humanity” where she proved that even in the darkest hour there are some whose light shines brightly. She might well have saved more people than Oskar Schindler did at great personal risk and should be equally known in my opinion.


I totally agree.

I believe at a point the “War Against Humanity” will need to cover, at least partially, the people known as “Righteous Among the Nations”.

According to what I see in Wikipedia, there have been 23942 awards bestowed upon. Perhaps an episode that mentions some of the 638 German ones might be considered. Considering the events of WW II, Germany is not depicted in a favorable light for good reason. However I feel that, just as the episode on the “White Rose”, there were Germans who need to be mentioned, or at least remembered, acknowledged for their bravery.

I would also welcome a mention, perhaps an explanation of how and why the country with the most such honored people is Poland.

War Against Humanity, is likely to be mentioning the darkest details of the WW II. And I would love to see a light in this darkness as a change. A light that is perhaps as worth of a coverage similar to that of the “Minute by Minute Pearl Harbor”.

I acknowledge the budget that would be required for such a project would likely be significantly higher than the regular episode; but perhaps people in the Time Ghost Army would consider chipping in their share for such an exclusive work, or perhaps some sponsorship could be considered.

Never the less I salute all the Righteous Among the Nations for their integrity and…
Never forget

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Or about John Rabe(at least to the average person who knows something about ww2) the man who saved thousands of Chinese Civilians in nanking despite being a nazi. As far as I know he lived in poverty after the war.