"Ernie Pyle in England" (7-10-41)

The Pittsburgh Press (July 10, 1941)

Get your copy today! –

Ernie Pyle’s first book – a collection of his memorable war columns from war-scarred Britain – is now available.

The Pittsburgh Press columnist has compiled the best of those columns into a 228-page, 65,000-word book that is attractively bound and well-printed. It is a complete book in every detail with a regular book cover and a colorful jacket.

The book is available now at the counter in the lobby of the Press on the Boulevard of the Allies for 47¢ a copy. You can obtain a copy by mail by sending the coupon shown below and sending 50¢.



The Press has arranged for publication in book form of Roving Reporter Ernie Pyle’s famous dispatches from England. Printed at the insistence of many Ernie Pyle fans, this book of more than 65,000 words will be sold at a non-profit price of 47¢ at the Press, 50¢ by mail.

It includes the great story of London “ringed with fire,” the word pictures of devastated Coventry and Bristol, Ernie Pyle’s talks with the “little people” and the many other now-famous stories of England during the Blitz.

To get your copy, or copies, simply fill out the coupon below and mail it with the correct amount. Your copy will be sent to you immediately.

Ernie Pyle, Editor, Box 476, The Pittsburgh Press, Pittsburgh

Please send me __ copies of Ernie Pyle’s book. I enclose __ (50¢ per copy).

Mail to (name) __
Street __
City __, State __.

This book has been issued in order that those thousands of readers who follow Ernie Pyle’s columns regularly may have those columns in permanent form. Ernie produced the book because of public demand for such a volume. On his return, he was besieged with requests from readers throughout the nation for just such a book and he complied.

The initial supply of Ernie Pyle in England is limited. Thus, we suggest that you order your copy today to avoid waiting.

Here is a book that you’ll be proud to have on your bookshelves, one that you’ll enjoy reading and re-reading. The cost is 47¢ if bought at the Press, 50¢ by mail. It is being offered at this price on a non-profit basis.

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