Enter Yugoslavia Part 1 | BETWEEN 2 WARS I 1929 Part 2 of 3

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more diversity than cooperation

I feel this is the most concise description of any nation in the balkans even to this day.

Looking very forward to the next parts. Thank you once more for the excellent content!


I’m actually going to visit the region in the near future, so this content is very welcome to me. The history of the balkans really can make you despair about the inability of different ethnic groups to coexiste peacefully. Although as a German, I should not be overly critical of other peoples in this regared. Maybe my trip will show me, that things have changed for the better, a little at least.

Keep up the good work!


Great to finally see Yugoslavia between the Two World Wars and I really think that after so many interesting comments under the video Part 3 which will include things that are missed out in the past two parts is really needed! There are couple of small but very important (crucial) details that were wrong in those two Parts and one of them I place as a comment for the Part 2 already. Anyway here I will copy paste my text since it may get interesting to those who wish to understand king Alexander and some of his actions:

Crown Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia was a well known mason, in fact he was one of the highest ranking masons in Europe of that time. His idea of Yugoslavia not only started from the point of braking the parliament as you mentioned but can be followed all the way to the time of Corfu Declaration of which he was the main protagonist and supporter (where all issues started). He had megalomaniac dreams, not for a greater Serbia, but for a greater South Slavs empire in which he could be an eternal glorious emperor! About how much he was actually fed up with the crazy Yugoslavian idea and how he not care about the Serbian interests at all, it was enough to mention his order of demolishing important Serbian medieval fortress “Žrnov”, right next to Belgrade on the Avala mountain with DYNAMITE explosions with official army used for this action, even if many Serbian intellectuals and local villagers were against this shameful act. Goal of destroying mountain top and fortress of incredible historical value not only for the Serbs but for Europe was construction of useless “Monument to Unknown Hero” which already existed there before just in totally different shape (on the place where Serbian boy soldier died during WW1 in Belgrade defense). This new monument is invented by the Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović who was during his career close to Masonic, Nazi, Capitalistic and Communistic circles depending of the needs for his own “projects” for which he was always well payed (after he was also close with Tito for example). “Monument to Unknown Hero” is clear replica of “Persian King Cyrus Grave” just with masonic symbols represented in the form of “Yugoslav” people statues standing inside the entrance. Monument is still on the Avala mountain one of the main picnic areas just out of Belgrade, it is still intact and many Serbs recently actually rise their voices to be destroyed (although during the years it become touristic attraction). Crown Prince Alexander ordered many of those and similar monumental projects all across the Kingdom in his time, trying to remove all national differences, history and creating an artificial brotherhood Yugoslav nation which will in the 90s brake apart.

Žrnov Fort on Avala mountain in Belgrade before it was destroyed with DYNAMITE:

After demolishing Medieval Fort, Monument of Unknown Soldier was Build from scratches:

I am sad that I not have so much time to write something more about this very interesting topic but I would like to remind everyone that I already started topic which will follow timeline of Yugoslavia during the WW2 and in which everyone can participate. Soon I will write more interesting things on this topic which is practiculary crazy complicated for the 1941: