Elections 1942: Prohibitionists active in many of elections (11-1-42)

The Pittsburgh Press (November 1, 1942)


Prohibitionists active in many of elections

New York (UP) – (Oct. 31)
The issue of prohibition assumed greater significance tonight as a sidelight of next Tuesday’s elections than in any national canvass since President Roosevelt was elected in 1932 on a platform which included repeal of the 18th Amendment.

There are Prohibition Party candidates in 26 of the 435 districts which elect members of the House and seven Prohibitionists running for the Senate. In eight states, prohibition candidates are seeking election as governor.

There are nine dry candidates in Michigan, seven in New Jersey, three in California, one in Illinois, one in Missouri, three in Oklahoma and two in Pennsylvania.

Drys are candidates for governor in Arizona, California, Iowa, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania.

Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Mississippi, Michigan, Montana and Oklahoma have dry candidates for the Senate.


Thanks for the 1942 banners, I am reading more 1942 news than other news these days. Then ago that news is more interesting than … oh can’t say (well Team America, nobody will get the thing :wink: )

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