Elections 1942: Bennett, Dewey end campaigns tonight (11-2-42)

The Pittsburgh Press (November 2, 1942)


Bennett, Dewey end campaigns tonight

New York (UP) –
John J. Bennett (D) and Thomas E. Dewey (R) close their campaigns for the New York governorship tonight.

Each ends his campaign with a radio address.

Each side predicted victory for its entire ticket. The Republicans said they expected Mr. Dewey to win by 600,000 votes. The Democrats said Mr. Bennett would be elected by 150,000 votes.

The American Labor Party’s candidate is Dean Alfange. It expects Mr. Alfange to poll about 40,000 votes.

The Communist Party, which voted with the ALP in 1938, also has its own candidate, Israel Amter. The Socialist Party also has a gubernatorial candidate, Coleman B. Cheney, former professor of economics at Skidmore College, who was forbidden by military regulations from campaigning personally. He is a private in Colorado.

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I bet we never hear from that Dewey guy again. Imagine Republicans winning a statewide election in New York!


Oh, you’ll see, my friend… :eyes:


Aah I bet we get Governor Corleone!