Election 1944: Wrong ballots sent servicemen (7-28-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (July 28, 1944)


Wrong ballots sent servicemen

Sacramento, California (UP) –
California Secretary of State Frank M. Jordan charged today that California servicemen overseas have been issued federal war ballots for the November election before they have had a chance to receive state ballots.

Under federal law, the ballots should not be issued unless servicemen have certified they had applied for a state ballot and had not received it by Oct. 1.

Mr. Jordan said his office had been receiving from servicemen federal ballots for the November election, providing for choice only of President, Vice President, Senator and Representative. Some of the ballots were mailed even in advance of the Democratic National Convention, he said.

The ballots are not valid, Mr. Jordan added, and will be returned to the senders. Other states had reported receiving invalid ballots from servicemen overseas, he said.