Election 1944: Willkie undecided, his widow says (10-21-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (October 22, 1944)


Willkie undecided, his widow says

None could speak for him, she adds

Rushville, Indiana (UP) – (Oct. 21)
Mrs. Wendell L. Willkie said today in a formal statement that the 1940 Republican presidential nominee had not made a decision at the time of his death as to how he intended to vote in the November presidential election.

The statement, apparently ending speculation as to how the candidate four years ago would have voted this time, said:

I am distressed because many people are saying that they knew how Wendell Willkie intended to vote in the coming election. He had not made his decision. No one could speak for him while he was living; and I ask, out of respect for his memory, that no one should attempt to speak for him now.

The statement was issued by Mrs. Lem Jones, secretary to Mrs. Willkie, while the latter remained in Rushville following burial services earlier this week for her husband.