Election 1944: Warren explains changes in speech (8-31-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (August 31, 1944)


Warren explains changes in speech

Los Angeles, California (UP) –
Governor Earl Warren explained today that the mix-up created by last-minute changes in the speech he gave on a national radio network Tuesday night was caused by the premature release of a text by Republican National Headquarters.

He said the New York headquarters released the text on a “hold for delivery” basis without his knowledge or approval.

He said:

The New York headquarters sent a draft of a suggested speech to me and it arrived the day before the broadcast. I worked it over and made such changes as to me seemed desirable and then it was given to newspapermen. The first speech that came from New York was merely a tentative draft submitted as a suggestion to me.

The speech, as given by Governor Warren, was toned down considerably from the text released in New York. The original was highly critical of Sidney Hillman and the CIO Political Action Committee charging he had promoted a fourth term for President Roosevelt.