Election 1944: Wallace warns Midwest farmers (10-20-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (October 21, 1944)


Wallace warns Midwest farmers

Omaha, Nebraska (UP) –
A Republican victory in the November election would lead to the “same abyss of crumbling farm prices” that occurred during the farm board days of the Hoover administration, Vice President Henry A. Wallace declared here last night.

Mr. Wallace said:

The Republicans want to do the farm board all over again. The Republican high command wants to destroy the AAA and the ever-normal granary. It advocates crop loans and support prices without the ever-normal granary.

He cited the Congressional records of party support of farm legislation under the New Deal and then asked who the farmers’ friends were.

He asked:

Will it be the Governor of Ohio and the Governor of New York, or will it be Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry Truman?

As cries of “yes, yes” rolled, from the audience, he asked for the election of Democratic Congressmen – “tools for Roosevelt to work with.”