Election 1944: Voters removed, attorney to charge (11-2-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (November 2, 1944)


Voters removed, attorney to charge

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania –
U.S. Attorney Gerald A. Gleeson said he would present charges of the “wholesale removal” of voters’ names from Philadelphia voting lists to a special grand jury session tomorrow.

Mr. Gleeson made his statement as Federal Bureau of Investigation agents worked at the office of the Registration Commission checking reports that several hundred voters were disfranchised by removal of their names from the registration books in recent weeks.

The FBI, according to the commission, inquired on the status of 17 voters, divided equally among Republican and Democratic registrants.

Mr. Gleeson said approximately 100 complaints were received in his office. Earlier reports said that 10,000 voters were disfranchised.

Complaints to the FBI were that voters’ names were removed on the word of individuals that the persons named moved from certain districts or died.

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