Election 1944: Truman, Wallace on same platform (10-31-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (November 1, 1944)


Both for the Chief –
Truman, Wallace on same platform

Time Dewey changed, Senator insists

New York (UP) –
Vice President Henry A. Wallace and Senator Harry S. Truman, nominated by the Democrats to succeed him, spoke from the same platform last night for the first time since the Democratic Convention and called for the reelection of President Roosevelt.

Speaking at a Madison Square Garden rally sponsored by New York’s Liberal Party, both asserted Mr. Roosevelt’s experience was needed to win the war and the peace. Both attacked the Republican record on foreign policy.

Agrees on ‘change’

Criticizing the Republican foreign policy record, Senator Truman said:

In the face of this dismal Republican record, Governor Dewey’s only answer is that it’s time for a change. I agree with him – it’s time to change some of the isolationist faces in the Senate and the House… Yes, I agree it’s time for a change – a change in the inconsistent and deceptive policies of Thomas E. Dewey.

He concluded that Mr. Roosevelt was “qualified as no other American is qualified to lead our people to victory in war and to progress in peace.”

‘Wallace in ‘48’ cries

Mr. Wallace received the greater ovation from the crowd of 20,000. There were cries of “Wallace in ‘48” when the Vice President spoke. He said:

We still have a war to win. Every sane person knows Roosevelt can do a better job of winning that war than Dewey. We still have a peace to write, and all well-informed people know that Roosevelt’s broad experience in international affairs makes him infinitely the stronger man in this field.

Keep them in right places

Mr. Wallace called Governor Dewey “patriotic, intelligent and fine in every way."

He said:

But the war is a serious matter and the problems of the peace are grievous. The people of New York have two well-known citizens and they should do their duty by each. They should keep their governor in Albany and their President, whose experience so richly qualifies him to be there, in the White House.

Senator Truman will speak over a statewide radio hookup from Parkersburg, West Virginia, tonight from 8:00 to 8:30 p.m. EWT.

Mr. Truman’s speech will be on KQV at 10:00 p.m. Mr. Wallace’s speech tonight in New York will be on WCAE at 11 o’clock.

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