Election 1944: Truman to Lewis – Come back home (10-16-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (October 16, 1944)


All is forgiven!
Truman to Lewis: Come back home

UMW head urged to support Roosevelt

Los Angeles, California (UP) –
Senator Harry S. Truman, Democratic vice-presidential nominee, today invited President John L. Lewis of the United Mine Workers to reconsider his support of the Republican presidential ticket in the November election and back President Roosevelt.

“I think the best interests of Mr. Lewis’ organization would be served by the Democratic Party,” Mr. Truman said in reply to a news conference question asking him to amplify a remark he made yesterday that the Democrats would accept Mr. Lewis’ support if Mr. Lewis would “come back and be a good boy.” […] told that Governor Thomas E. Dewey had “read Lewis out of the Republican Party,” and added, “I didn’t want him to have no place to go.”

Senator Truman will deliver the first major speech of his campaign trip tonight, addressing a Democratic rally in the Shrine Auditorium from the same platform on which Governor John W. Bricker will address a Republican rally two days later. Governor Bricker was scheduled to pass through here late today en route to San Diego, where he speaks tomorrow.

Invading a critical state in which most political observers have been conceding an edge to President Roosevelt, Senator Truman arrived yesterday after a 2,000-mile trip from New Orleans. He leaves tonight for San Francisco.