Election 1944: Truman belittles ‘indispensable’ talk (9-21-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (September 21, 1944)


Truman belittles ‘indispensable’ talk

New York (UP) –
Democratic vice-presidential candidate Harry S. Truman said today he agreed with Republican presidential nominee Governor Thomas E. Dewey that no man was an “indispensable man” for President.

Republicans – not the Democrats – Senator Truman said, originated the “indispensable” argument. He said:

We never said there was an indispensable man. We say we believe a man of experience should be in the White House.

Senator Truman charged that Governor Dewey in his “interesting pictures of a President and Congress of the same political faith,” had exceeded the “limits of veracity.”

He said that Governor Dewey knows that election of a Republican Senate this year “is a mathematical impossibility,” and “the boast that the Republicans can win control of the House is almost as baseless.”