Election 1944: ‘Treachery’ laid to New Deal (10-14-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (October 14, 1944)


Joe Pew speaks –
‘Treachery’ laid to New Deal

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (UP) –
The New Deal administration was assailed here last night by Joseph N. Pew Jr. as “12 years of treachery, dishonor and deceit, which brought creeping paralysis over our people.”

Making what probably was his first political speech, the millionaire executive of the Sun Oil Company and financial backer of the Republican Party charged that President Roosevelt “is not complaining for himself, but for Senator Harry Truman [the vice-presidential nominee] whom he hopes to make the next President.”

Mr. Pew was a surprise speaker at a rally of the Republican State Committee here.

Illinois Governor Dwight H. Green, accusing the Roosevelt administration of 12 years of “bungling and stumbling,” told the group that it was the duty of the voters to save returning U.S. troops from the “catastrophe and confusion which threaten if the New Deal is entrusted with peace and reconversion.”

Governor Green said the President’s record was replete with vetoes of bills aimed to help war veterans, their widows and children. From 1933 to Nov. 1, 1943, he said, Mr. Roosevelt vetoes 18 bills, depriving veterans and their dependents of $450 million in benefits.