Election 1944: Subversive charge answered by Hillman (10-13-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (October 13, 1944)


Subversive charge answered by Hillman

New York (UP) –
Sidney Hillman, CIO Political Action Committee chairman, yesterday charged Ohio Governor John W. Bricker, GOP vice-presidential candidate, with “deliberately impugning the patriotism of the more than five million members of the CIO and other millions of Americans who support its purpose.”

Terming Mr. Bricker’s charge that the PAC is subversive, “the cry of a defeated candidate,” Mr. Hillman said “the Republicans are scared” by the large registration totals “and so Governor Bricker has been selected to do the unutterably filthy job of setting neighbor against neighbor – a job which, from his easy association with Gerald L. K. Smith and other American Fascists, he is well equipped to undertake.”

Mr. Hillman said:

As for the allegation that there is anything remotely illegal in the work of the PAC, the record is quite clear. Two Congressional committees, in addition to the Department of Justice, have investigated PAC and no finding of law violation has been made.