Election 1944: Senator Wagner charges Dewey ‘distortion’ (9-14-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (September 15, 1944)


Senator charges Dewey ‘distortion’

New York (UP) –
Senator Robert F. Wagner (D-NY) charged last night that statements by Governor Thomas E. Dewey, GOP candidate for the Presidency, that the “Hoover depression continued into the Roosevelt administration and it took a war to get us out” were a “blatant distortion of the facts.”

Senator Wagner said in an address before the International Ladies Garments Workers Union that Dewey “being a young man, has somehow forgotten to remember the Hoover depression,” and “what a change took place” when President Roosevelt took over.

He described Mr. Roosevelt as a great President before the war and a great Commander-in-Chief during the war and said that it was a “sham and delusion to try – as the Republicans are trying – to separate Mr. Roosevelt’s domestic record from his war record.”

He urged that all “work vigorously” to “get out every possible vote for President Roosevelt… as the least we can do to fulfill our obligations to our fighting men.”