Election 1944: Senator Davis makes plea for ‘sound’ peace (9-8-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (September 8, 1944)


Davis makes plea for ‘sound’ peace

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – (special)
The American people are determined to win a post-war peace which “cannot be a New Deal peace, a Democratic peace or even a Republican peace,” U.S. Senator James J. Davis (R-PA), member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, told the first Dewey campaign audience last night.

He said:

The people of America will not be content merely with the winning of the initial peace. They will be content only with the creation and maintenance of a sound and stable system of peace among all nations – to the end that neither this generation nor those of future generations will ever again be obliged to endure the carnage and cruelty of war.

It must and will be an American peace – a peace of justice, honor and human decency which shall forever banish war from the minds and hearts of men.

Mr. Davis, candidate for reelection to a six-year term, said the people of the United States are concerned about four fundamentals, which he listed as winning the war, preserving the peace, maintenance of a high order of sound economic progress and ending of “executive fiats, administrative commands and the continues unauthorized encroachments of paid bureaucrats and naïve planners who hold themselves above the people and above the law.”