Election 1944: Roosevelt bets two bits on vote (10-31-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (November 1, 1944)


Roosevelt bets two bits on vote

Washington (UP) –
President Roosevelt said yesterday he had made an election bet – 25 cents even money – on the outcome of the election in a certain state.

He said he made the bet recently on his campaign train.

Mindful of the law in New York State designed to prevent voters from betting on the election, a reporter asked whether his bet would disqualify him in the balloting.

No, the President said, laughing the bet was made outside of New York State. To reporters who wanted to know how and with whom he bet, the President cupped his hands around his mouth in a mock stage whisper and said it was none of their business.

He said he had not yet made his usual secret guess on the outcome in electoral votes but would write it soon and lock it in his top desk drawer.

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