Election 1944: Racial prejudice denied by GOP (9-17-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (September 17, 1944)


Racial prejudice denied by GOP

New York (UP) –
Republicans today denied that they attempted to stir racial prejudice into the campaign by criticizing the association of the Democratic Party with Sidney Hillman, president of the CIO Political Action Committee, and Communist leader Earl Browder.

Republican National Chairman Herbert Brownell Jr. said:

The attempt to make it appear that the issue of Hillman-Browder control of the New Deal is a race hatred issue is an unwarranted interpretation. It is designed to get the New Deal off the spot on which it has been placed squarely by Mr. Sidney Hillman.

Democratic National Chairman Robert E. Hannegan had charged racial prejudice on the grounds that Republican speakers constantly referred to Mr. Hillman as “foreign-born.”