Election 1944: Pro-Roosevelt Democrats on top in Texas (7-31-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (July 31, 1944)


Pro-Roosevelt Democrats on top in Texas

Foes promise battle in state convention

Dallas, Texas (UP) –
Pro-Roosevelt Democrats today retained control in a majority of Texas counties in which conventions were held last Saturday, but anti-fourth term forces apparently remained strong enough to put up a battle at the state convention here Sept. 12 when presidential electors are chosen.

At least 93 counties reporting elected pro-fourth-term delegates to the state convention, but 34 named anti-Roosevelt delegates and 41 voted to send uninstructed delegations to the Dallas meeting. Twenty-four counties did not hold conventions.

Fisticuffs, verbal battles and rump conventions marked the meetings in many counties, presaging a stormy session at the state meeting.

Conventions bolted

Several county conventions were bolted either by pro-Roosevelt or anti-Roosevelt Democrats and an anti-fourth-term group’s rump convention in Dallas was upset by Roosevelt-Truman followers. However, the anti-Roosevelt group obtained control of the Fort Worth, San Antonio and Houston conventions.

The first open rupture occurred at the state convention in May when the anti-Roosevelt group succeeded in passing a resolution releasing the state’s electors from voting for the party candidate unless the two-thirds rule of nominating the President and Vice President was abolished, and the convention adopted a platform plank giving the states power to say who should vote in primary elections.

Fifth largest bloc

Neither of these demands was met at the national convention, and the anti-Roosevelt forces are attempting to get control of the state convention to carry out their threats.

Texas has 23 electoral votes, the fifth largest bloc in the country, and if the anti-fourth-term Democrats succeeded in naming the presidential electors, it would mean the loss of the state for Mr. Roosevelt, despite the fact that a majority voted for him. In a close election, this might prove catastrophic.