Election 1944: Plan seeks end to Texas revolt (9-13-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (September 13, 1944)


Plan seeks end to Texas revolt

Dallas, Texas (UP) –
Pro-Roosevelt forces turned today to the legal aspects of a plan under which normally Democratic Texas would be assured that presidential electors on the November ballot will cast the state’s 23 votes for President Roosevelt and his vice-presidential running mate, Harry S. Truman.

A three-point plan, advanced by Democratic National Committeeman Myron Blalock of Marshall, was still in the committee rooms as fourth-term backers called to order the Texas State Convention over which they had gained complete control in a stormy session last night.

The Blalock plan, drawn up in anticipation of a lawsuit to be filed by anti-Roosevelt forces within the party, called for:

  • The resolutions committee to have the convention revoke the instructions of the May 23 Texas Convention and instruct party electors to vote for the Democratic nominees for President and Vice President.

  • Place the names of Mr. Roosevelt and Mr. Truman on the ballot instead of the names of electors. This is permissible under Texas law.

  • Prepare an amended list of electors for filing in case it is needed.