Election 1944: PAGOP seeks to ‘double’ vote (10-24-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (October 24, 1944)


State GOP seeks to ‘double’ vote

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (UP) –
The Republican state committee has announced through vice chairman Mrs. Edna R. Carroll of Philadelphia, its designation of Oct. 25 as “Double the Vote for Dewey” Day, marking a statewide drive for 1,220,000 “additional sure votes” for the GOP presidential nominee.

She said Republican women in every Pennsylvania precinct would undertake on Wednesday to “round up the rocking chair vote” among the 1,500,000 eligible Pennsylvanians who failed to exercise their franchise at the last presidential election.

The climax of the day’s program will be the Chicago radio address by Governor Thomas E. Dewey at 10:00 p.m. EWT, around which rallies, block parties and neighborhood listening parties will be staged by local groups, she said.