Election 1944: Orson Welles to speak for Democrats at Syria Mosque (10-22-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (October 22, 1944)


‘Man from Mars’ coming –
Orson Welles to speak for Democrats at Mosque

Senator Truman and ex-Governor Pinchot scheduled to perform on same program

Orson Welles, who scared the daylights out of half the nation with a radio broadcast a few years ago, will waggle the specter of a Republican victory before Pittsburgh Democrats at Syria Mosque Nov. 2.

And if there are still any wavering doubters not frightened into the fourth-term line by Orson, Senator Harry Truman, who is running for Vice President, will appear on the same program.

The third man on the program – which is just five days before Election Day – isn’t Father Time. No, Junior, it’s his first cousin, former Governor Gifford Pinchot.

But the big attraction on the program, sponsored by the Allegheny County Committee, will be “The Man from Mars,” the man who won the beautiful and glamorous Rita Hayworth by sawing her in two every night before an applauding throng.

There won’t be any such luscious victim at Syria Mosque, however. Instead, Orson will aim his cutting remarks at Tom Dewey.

Whether Rita will be present to hear her husband and help draw attendance hasn’t been announced.

Mr. Welles has been quite active in the Roosevelt campaign for some weeks – together with such other amusement notables as Frank Sinatra and Paulette Goddard.

Previously he had become a figure in serious discussions outside the realm of the theater and radio when he was a very vocal proponent of the opening of a second front in Europe – prior to the time that the general staff was ready to open it.