Election 1944: New Jersey Governor endorses Dewey (8-9-44)

The Wilmington Morning Star (August 10, 1944)


New Jersey Governor endorses Dewey

Albany, New York (AP) – (Aug. 9)
Republican presidential nominee Thomas E. Dewey was described today by Governor Walter E. Edge of New Jersey as favoring a strong post-war organization “equipped to deal with any future threat to world peace.”

Edge, a critic of the term “peace forces” in the Republican platform, said he discussed the international situation at length with Dewey and found the nominee “feels that the expression ‘peace forces’ is all inclusive.”

Edge said in a formal statement:

It embraces everything from an editorial to a 16-inch gun and following Senator Austin’s comprehensive elucidation I am sure it cannot be misunderstood.

In short, Governor Dewey is determined that effective means shall be brought into being to assure that any future threat to the peace of the world will be promptly stamped out by international action.