Election 1944: Murray suggests Dewey-Klan ties (11-3-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (November 4, 1944)


Murray suggests Dewey-Klan ties

New York (UP) –
CIO President Philip Murray yesterday referred to Governor Thomas E. Dewey, Republican presidential candidate, in connection with “a fiery cross” and “hoods.”

Mr. Murray told 1,200 members of the Women’s Division of the National Citizens Political Action Committee at the Commodore Hotel:

Tom Dewey might go to Boston and burn a fiery cross. Oh, yes, and other leaders may resort to the use of filth to create confusion and divide the people, but you here will not fall into such pits of immorality. You have other things to do… to serve the people of this country and the peoples of other countries…

On Nov. 8 when you go out through the country looking for those men who have been riding about under hoods you will probably find a little hood on the ground and under it you will find a little man named Dewey.

Murray did not clarify his remarks further.

He said of the Democratic presidential candidate:

If ever a human being was created by God who rendered the people a more useful service than Franklin D. Roosevelt I would like to know who he is.