Election 1944: Mrs. Luce, Kerr open Illinois fight (10-13-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (October 13, 1944)


Mrs. Luce, Kerr open Illinois fight

Chicago, Illinois (UP) –
Rep. Clare Boothe Luce, GOP glamor girl, and Oklahoma Governor Robert S. Kerr, keynoter of the Democratic National Convention last July, will feature tonight’s opening battle for Illinois’ 29 electoral votes.

Mrs. Luce will speak at Chicago’s Orchestra Hall and Governor Kerr will address a Democratic rally at Joliet.

KQV will broadcast Mrs. Luce’s speech at 10:00 p.m. ET.

Mrs. Luce urges change

Both speakers participated in warmup address last night, Mrs. Luce addressing a pro-America Republican women’s organization rally at St. Louis and Governor Kerr speaking at Duluth, Minnesota.

Mrs. Luce called upon the nation’s voters to “do your part in changing horses this year, including Senator Harry S. Truman, the new end of the horse that was cleared at Chicago by Sidney Hillman.”

Dewey ‘shadowboxed’

Governor Kerr told his Duluth audience that in his speech at Oklahoma City, Governor Dewey only “shadowboxed with the champ, leaving unanswered pressing farm problems and a pledge for international cooperation.”

Governor Kerr called Governor Dewey’s indictment of President Roosevelt for unpreparedness “contemptible” unless it is backed by the Republican nominee’s own “record of preparedness for war and peace – a record I fail to find.”