Election 1944: Lewis’ foe loses ballot fight (10-17-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (October 17, 1944)


Lewis’ foe loses ballot fight

Washington (UP) –
Federal Judge Matthew F. McGuire today denied the petition of Ray Edmundson, former Illinois district president of the United Mine Workers, for an order banning distribution of UMW ballots which do not bear Mr. Edmundson’s name as a candidate for the position of UMW international president.

Mr. Edmundson resigned as Illinois district chieftain early this year. Subsequently he launched a campaign for election as international president to succeed John L. Lewis.

Judge McGuire ruled after Nicholas J. Chase, UMW attorney, said the matter had been properly decided by the union’s convention which met at Cincinnati in September. Mr. Chase said the 3,000 delegates representing 600,000 union members had decided Mr. Edmundson could not be a candidate because he was neither a member in good standing nor a mine worker.

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