Election 1944: Labor gains under Dewey, Italian told (10-13-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (October 13, 1944)


Labor gains under Dewey, Italian told

Record as Governor pointed out here

What Governor Thomas E. Dewey’s labor policy will be if he is elected to the Presidency must be judged on his record in New York State, a member of his cabinet asserted here today.

Edward Corsi, industrial commissioner for New York, who is making a nationwide tour on behalf of the Dewey candidacy, declared at a luncheon attended by prominent Italian leaders here that the record has been a good one.

Mr. Corsi said:

A study of his labor policy shows that in this war emergency he has not only preserved all if labor’s gains but strengthened its position.

Allowances most liberal

He said the Governor has given labor the greatest representation in his administration that it has ever attained in New York State, added that unemployment compensation and workmen’s compensation laws have been liberalized, with the allowances the most liberal granted in the United States.

Mr. Corsi said:

Under his administration, the state enacted the equal pay bill for women workers who do the same work as men. The first labor university in the country was established under state auspices.

He cited as outstanding the freezing by the Dewey administration of its $165-million surplus as a fund for the relief of returning veterans who seek jobs and said the state now has an unemployment reserve of $800 million to meet post-war unemployment problems.

Proved his ability

Mr. Corsi said:

Governor Dewey has proved his ability to conduct a liberal administration which has strengthened labor’s position. He can transit his program to a national scale.

Mr. Corsi was formerly Commissioner of Welfare in New York City and before that was Commissioner of Immigration at Ellis Island. In the company of Attorney Joseph Rossi, he met many Republican leaders here today.