Election 1944: If ‘Teddy’ did with Ickes’ aid, can Franklin? (11-3-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (November 3, 1944)


If ‘Teddy’ did with Ickes’ aid, can Franklin?

Washington (UP) –
The White House today displayed evidence that Theodore Roosevelt’s Bull Moose Party had something like a $1000 Club in 1912.

With a reference to “the pot calling the kettle black,” White House Secretary Stephen T. Early showed reporters a certificate of Secretary of the Interior Harold L. Ickes’ honorary membership in Bull Moose “Founders’ Association.”

It was a green bond-like certificate with a large “$1000” engraved in each top corner against a dollar sign.

This year, the Democrats have a $1000 Club composed of persons who contribute that sum to the fourth-term campaign.

President Roosevelt told his press conference Tuesday that he had mentioned the idea to some people last summer after they had laughed at his suggestion first for a $100,000 Club and then for a $10,000 Club.