Election 1944: Ickes to open fourth term drive in Pittsburgh (9-18-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (September 18, 1944)


Ickes to open fourth term drive in city

Address scheduled Sunday afternoon
By Kermit McFarland

Harold L. Ickes, the New Deal’s favorite exponent of the well-turned phrase, will open the Democratic campaign in these parts with a speech Sunday in Schenley Park, the American Slav Congress announced today.

Mr. Ickes, the highest-ranking spokesman for the Democrats – aside from National Chairman Robert E. Hannegan – who has yet taken on Governor Thomas E. Dewey in debate, will speak to the closing session of the Congress, meeting here in convention Saturday and Sunday.

Flagstaff Hill to be scene

The meeting has been moved to Flagstaff Hill in the park to accommodate the expected large attendance. Other sessions of the convention, chief purpose of which is to endorse a fourth term, will be held in Carnegie Music Hall, Oakland.

Mr. Ickes, who is also Secretary of the Interior and Solid Fuels administrator, petroleum administrator for war, mine operator and other things, will speak at 4:00 p.m. ET. The address, according to Slav Congress officials, will be broadcast over a nationwide network.

The Slav Congress’ convention is one of two major Democratic rallies being held here soon under auspices other than those of the regular Democratic organization.

Wallace to speak, too

Vice President Henry A. Wallace will speak in Carnegie Music Hall on Sept. 30 at a rally to be sponsored by a committee of independent Roosevelt backers. The names of committee members have not been announced, although the present chairman is J. S. Crutchfield, president of the United Fruit Auction Company.

John Sobczak, arrangements chairman for the convention, said the American Slav Congress is a “nonpartisan organization” but added that “Slavic Americans in vast majority are convinced that President Roosevelt is the only choice for President.”

Two prominent leaders of the organization, County Court Judge Blair F. Gunther (former chairman of the board) and Gregory Zatkovich (former member of the Board of Directors), recently resigned in protest against political activities of the group. Both are Republicans. Mr. Zatkovich is a candidate for the U.S. Congress.

PAC active

Leaders of the CIO Political Action Committee have been active in organizing the convention here.

The regular Democratic organization will open its campaign here next Monday with a mass meeting in North Side Carnegie Hall. No “big name” speakers have been listed.

Congressman Francis J. Myers, nominee for the U.S. Senate, will head he program and other statewide candidates will appear.

GOP rally tomorrow

Republicans hold their first public rally tomorrow night when Ohio Governor John W. Bricker, candidate for Vice President, comes here to deliver a major speech.

Mr. Bricker will arrive late in the day and speak at 9:30 p.m. The meeting will open at 8:30 with Judge Gunther, U.S. Senator James J. Davis (candidate for reelection), and the Rev. Cornell E. Talley of the Central Baptist Church, 5th Ward, as other speakers. Governor Edward Martin will introduce Mr. Bricker.