Election 1944: Ickes says Dewey ‘man nobody for’ (11-3-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (November 4, 1944)


Ickes: Dewey ‘man nobody for’

Baltimore, Maryland (UP) –
Secretary of the Interior Ickes charged last night that the Republicans are waging a “negative” campaign and that Governor Thomas E. Dewey is the man “nobody is for.”

He told the Maryland Committee for Roosevelt and Truman that he had “challenged speaker after speaker to give us any reasons why we should vote for Dewey” but had received no answer.

He said:

The truth is that the Republicans aren’t for anything or anybody. They have a consistent record of being against.

Mr. Ickes renewed his attack on the people “inside Dewey’s Trojan horse,” who he described as “a prize group of isolationists and rabblerousers.”