Election 1944: Hull protests ‘link’ with Dewey (10-10-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (October 10, 1944)


Hull protests ‘link’ with Dewey

Washington (UP) –
Secretary of State Cordell Hull protested today against a published story predicting that Governor Thomas E. Dewey, if elected, would ask him to remain with the government as special foreign policy adviser.

He said in a statement that he “must object to it or anything of the kind,” regardless of whether it was authorized by Governor Dewey.

He said:

My support and loyalty belong primarily to the government and… President Roosevelt. And in order that no American citizen may be misled, this will continue to be my attitude.

The published story said Governor Dewey is planning, if elected, to ask Mr. Hull to remain and work toward building an international peace organization.

Mr. Hull said he was forced to object as an early stage in order to “preserve the policy of nonpartisan efforts rather than the contrary.”