Election 1944: How to figure wage schedule on Election Day (11-3-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (November 3, 1944)


How to figure wage schedule on Election Day

Washington (UP) –
From today’s crop of Labor Department press releases:

Election Day next Tuesday may not be counted as a day worked for the purpose of computing double-time payments for employees who have the whole day off unless it is observed as a holiday in lieu of Memorial Day, May 30, 1945.

It’s all in connection with interpreting Executive Order 9240 and deciding what does and what does not violate the economic stabilization policy. For the benefit of the uninitiated, Executive Order 9240 provides that under the Wage-Hour Law, double time shall be paid for the seventh consecutive day worked in a week.

So if you have all day off next Tuesday, but work the six other days, you’ll be paid double time for the sixth day – but only if Tuesday is counted as a holiday and next Memorial Day isn’t.