Election 1944: Hillman accused by Harvey Taylor (8-30-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (August 30, 1944)


Hillman accused by Harvey Taylor

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (UP) –
Republican State Chairman M. Harvey Taylor today accused Sidney Hillman, national chairman of the CIO Political Action Committee, of desiring “a 100 percent mortgage” on the Democratic Party.

Denying testimony which Mr. Taylor said Mr. Hillman gave in Washington before a House committee investigation of campaign expenditures, the State Chairman said:

Hillman’s so-call nonpartisan group is playing for big stakes. They don’t care how a man votes just so he votes for Roosevelt; that makes them as nonpartisan as a professional bodyguard.

They say they have no purge list in the coming election, but the records shows they’ve always been around with a financial blackjack when there is a Republican skull to crack.

Hillman also tells us he wants no credit if Roosevelt is elected. He won’t need it – a $6 million slush fund establishes a high credit rating in any league. If Roosevelt wins and Hillman becomes America’s labor dictator all the other union leaders will have to come to Sidney with a tin cup.

If Hillman is really sincere in his desire to remove the Communist stain from his Political Action group, his resignation as chairman would be an admirable step in that direction. He could also renounce his Communist associates.