Election 1944: High production urged by Wallace (9-22-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (September 23, 1944)


High production urged by Wallace

Program to avert unemployment asked

Troy, New York (UP) –
Vice President Henry A. Wallace asserted last night that wartime high production levels, more than 50 percent above those of 1940, must be retained after the war if 17 million unemployed is to be averted.

Mr. Wallace told a rally sponsored by the United Labor Committee for Roosevelt that a post-war national income level of $170 billion must be maintained to achieve satisfactory living standards.

He offered Russia’s employment standards as a yardstick.

Challenge hurled

He said:

When this war is over, we shall have one more chance to prove that our form of government is best.

Remember, after this war there will not be unemployment in Russia. We’ve got to do as well as they. We must do better or step back.

To ensure continued high production levels after the war, Mr. Wallace said:

It is enormously important that there be in power a truly liberal party based on the unity of labor and agriculture.

GOP policy hit

He charged the “high command of the Republican Party” with attempting to split labor and agriculture by playing on the farmer’s fear of labor and by encouraging the laborer in the belief he has nothing in common with the farmer.

Speaking at a luncheon of the National Citizens Political Action Committee in New York yesterday, Mr. Wallace said:

If liberalism goes under in Washington for so long as it did after the 1920 election, the situation of the world as a whole would be so dark there would be the gravest danger of necessity for more bloodshed.

Responsibility rests with the Democrats, he said, because “there is no danger that the Republican Party will become liberal.”