Election 1944: ‘Health whispers’ hit by Democrats (10-14-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (October 14, 1944)


‘Health whispers’ hit by Democrats

New York (UP) –
DNC Chairman Robert E. Hannegan charged today that the Republican Party was conducting a “whispering campaign” concerning President Roosevelt’s health.

Mr. Hannegan told newspapermen that “there is a whispering campaign being carried on by the opposition and it is being intensified.”

In Washington, the Presidential physician, RAdm. Ross T. McIntire, said yesterday that Mr. Roosevelt “is in good shape” and, “contrary to some reports, he does not even have a cold.”

Informed of Mr. Hannegan’s statement, RNC Chairman Herbert Brownell Jr. said the assertion was completely “unfounded.” He termed the Hannegan statement “some more of Hannegan’s shenanigans.”