Election 1944: GOP speakers ‘lie,’ Murray asserts (11-6-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (November 6, 1944)


GOP speakers ‘lie,’ Murray asserts

Buffalo, New York (UP) –
CIO President Philip Murray charged last might that the Republican presidential campaign for Governor Thomas E. Dewey has “sunk to the veritable pits of complete degradation to get votes” and asserted “that sort of campaign bespeaks disaster.”

In a speech before 1,800 persons in a CIO-sponsored rally here, Mr. Murray accused the Republican National Committee of resorting to “lies that have emanated from the mouths of men who knew they were lying.”

He declared the CIO had been “subjected to the castigation of Dewey” as a subversive organization “bent on overthrow of our government” when “every high school student knows” its membership, which he said was 6,250,000 persons, was “a cross-section of the American people.”