Election 1944: GOP promises Yanks a break, Martin insists (10-31-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (November 1, 1944)


GOP promises Yanks a break, Martin insists

Says peace must be ‘open, aboveboard’

Trenton, New Jersey – (special)
Pennsylvania Governor Edward Martin told a Republican meeting here last night that men and women in the Armed Forces “want no part in the great military, economic designs of future four-power imperialism.”

Governor Thomas E. Dewey and his running mate, Governor John W. Bricker, Mr. Martin said, want to give the World War II veteran the chance in life he deserves and “they do not plan that the oncoming American generation shall spend its days in some foreign barracks or on some forgotten island base in distant seas.”

‘Open’ peace demanded

The peace that is coming, the Pennsylvania Governor said, must be written by the best minds of America and other peace-loving nations, and it must have the approval of the American people.

He said:

It [the peace] must be made in the open and aboveboard. It must be discussed so Americans will understand it. The way to lose it is to write it behind closed doors. Political intrigue will kill it before it is born.

‘A nonpartisan peace’

Governor Dewey has made it plain that we will have a nonpartisan peace, Whatever has been well and wisely done by the present administration need not be lost. We should bear in mind the terrific physical punishment endured by both the President and the Secretary of State.

We must recall how Woodrow Wilson’s help was lost for that reason when World War I came to an end. We must remember that history may repeat itself if the President is reelected.

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