Election 1944: GOP ‘landslide’ in Missouri forecast (7-22-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (July 23, 1944)


GOP ‘landslide’ in Missouri forecast

Washington (UP) – (July 22)
A Republican “landslide” in Missouri and the farm belt in the November presidential election was assured by the Democrats’ nomination of Senator Harry Truman for the Vice Presidency, Rep. Martin T. Bennett (R-MO) said today.

Mr. Bennett said:

Our people will never accept national leadership from a Pendergast machine politician. His carefully conceived publicity whitewash with the headline-grabbing Truman Committee will avail him nothing when the rest of the country finds out what we from Missouri already know.

Chairman Robert R. Reynolds (D-NC) of the Senate Military Affairs Committee said he was “very pleased with the nomination of Senator Truman” and described him as “one of the finest men I have ever known.”

Senator Charles O. Andrews (D-FL) said he was “very enthusiastic” over Senator Truman’s nomination and “I am sure the people of Florida are too.”