Election 1944: ‘Dollar-for-Dewey’ drive launched (10-24-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (October 24, 1944)


‘Dollar-for-Dewey’ drive launched

New York (UP) –
Anthony Capasso, a CIO local official, has advised Republican National Chairman Herbert Brownell Jr. of the formation of a “Dollar-for-Dewey” campaign as a protest against activities of the CIO Political Action Committee, the Republican National Committee announced today.

Mr. Capasso, chief steward for the Brass Workers Union (CIO) Local 320 of Bridgeport, Connecticut, told Mr. Brownell he had been suspended by his union as chief steward after refusing to contribute to the PAC campaign for the reelection of President Roosevelt, the Republican Committee said.

The Republican Committee also announced celebration by women voters throughout the nation tomorrow of “Double the Vote for Dewey Day” with a doorbell-ringing and neighborhood party campaign for the support of independent voters.