Election 1944: Dewey to curry support of bosses (8-31-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (August 31, 1944)


Dewey to curry support of bosses

Top GOP leaders to be visited

Pawling, New York (UP) –
Governor Thomas E. Dewey plans to devote a major portion of his 6,700-mile transcontinental trip to uniting Republican leaders behind his campaign for the Presidency, it was disclosed today.

The Republican presidential nominee believes that one of the most important tasks of the cross-country trip is to obtain the active support of GOP leaders and impress on them the necessity of linking the national campaign with drives for local offices, his associates said. They pointed out that only seven major political speeches have been scheduled for the 22 days he will be out of the states.

The campaign conferences have been going on almost since the day he was renominated at the Chicago National Convention in June and when he returns to Albany on Sept. 28, he will have met leaders from virtually every section of the country except the “deep South.”

Upon his return, Mr. Dewey will prepare to make a campaign trip either through New England states or return to the Midwest.