Election 1944: Dewey’s agent to see Willkie (8-20-44)

The Wilmington Morning Star (August 21, 1944)


Dewey’s agent to see Willkie

Albany, New York (AP) – (Aug. 20)
Governor Thomas E. Dewey arranged today for an exchange of foreign policy views between Wendell Willkie and John Foster Dulles, who has been designated by Dewey to consult with Secretary of State Hull on post-war plans.

In an exchange of telegrams, Willkie said that since both Dewey, Republican presidential nominee, and Hull had agreed that the discussions should be of a nonpartisan character, he would be glad to talk to Dulles.

Dulles, leaving Albany by automobile, said he expected to make an appointment in New York City tomorrow with Willkie before going Tuesday to Washington, where he will meet with Hull the following day.

In announcing the Willkie-Dulles conference, Dewey told reporters it was his intention to obtain all shades of views on foreign affairs so that the American people could be kept wholly informed on the progress of the work of building the peace.

It will be the first public announced meeting between a close representative of Dewey and the 1940 presidential nominee since Dewey became the party’s standard-bearer.

At a news conference, Dewey proposed the internationalization of the Ruhr Valley in Germany, chief mass production center of the Axis state, as one of the steps to be taken to prevent future wars.