Election 1944: Dewey likened to Chamberlain (10-20-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (October 20, 1944)


Dewey likened to Chamberlain

Foreign policies of GOP leader hit

Washington (UP) –
Democratic congressmen bitterly assailed the foreign policy pledges of Governor Thomas E. Dewey today with charges that the Republican nominee had the same “lack of foresight” as Britain’s “umbrella-carrying Neville Chamberlain.”

Governor Dewey was likened to the late British prime minister by Rep. J. Buell Snyder (D-PA), who said the Governor’s “inability to see through international moves” was demonstrated by his original opposition to the Lend-Lease Act.

Mr. Snyder said:

But after Russia acknowledged that our Lend-Lease aid enabled her armies to hold Stalingrad. Dewey, with his umbrella in hand, came in the back door and said Lend-Lease was a good thing.

Senator Joseph C. O’Mahoney (D-WY) joined in the attack, saying Governor Dewey’s promises of international cooperation were in sharp contrast to the voting records of leading Republicans in the Senate.

Mr. Snyder predicted that Pennsylvania would go Democratic by 300,000 votes and would prove itself “more than ever the Keystone State.”