Election 1944: Dewey forgetful, Hillman charges (10-10-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (October 10, 1944)


Dewey forgetful, Hillman charges

Cleveland, Ohio (UP) –
Sidney Hillman, CIO Political Action Committee chairman, last night described Republican presidential nominee Governor Thomas E. Dewey as “a man with an extraordinary case of amnesia.”

Addressing the state convention of the Ohio CIO, Mr. Hillman asserted Governor Dewey had developed “his own peculiar form of doubletalk.” Quoting from the Republican candidate’s Louisville address, he said:

Our would-be President proclaimed, “I have long and repeating insisted we must continue close cooperation among the four great powers.”

Mr. Hillman asked:

Was he insisting on it on March 30, 1940, when he said this government should keep its hands wholly out of the European War and out of any negotiations that may take place between the warring nations now or at any other time?