Election 1944: Dewey calls Italy an ally, urges active, friendly aid (10-10-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (October 10, 1944)


Dewey calls Italy an ally, urges active, friendly aid

No other course can serve United Nations so well, Republican candidate says

Albany, New York (UP) –
Governor Thomas E. Dewey, amplifying his stand on international policy, said today that Italy must be considered a “friend and an ally, not just a cobelligerent.”

The Republican presidential candidate’s statement, issued shortly before he left Albany for New York City to attend the funeral of Wendell L. Willkie, followed his proclamation of Thursday as Columbus Day.

He said:

We Americans cannot and will not stand by and watch Italy suffer. …She needs our active, friendly help in her fight against Nazism and on behalf of her own freedom.

In the name of our common human heritage, in the name of gratitude, in the name of generosity, we must stand beside Italy today. No other course can serve so well the cause of the United Nations in charting the future of Europe.

Italians ‘forced into war’

Governor Dewey said the Italian people were forced into a war “they did not want,” and that they were betrayed by their own government.

Earlier this week, the Governor issued statements which said Poland must be reestablished as a free and independent nation and that the United States must speed more aid to China.

To register Thursday

Governor Dewey will return to Albany after Mr. Willkie’s funeral. He will remain only briefly, returning to New York City Thursday to review the Columbus Day parade and register so he will be eligible to vote in November.

His next major political address will be next Monday at St. Louis.

Italians who cheered when Pasta Man declared war on UK.


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